Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band Boosters

March 12, 2018

Present:  Dawn Humbertson, Teresa Vaughn, Joe Humbertson, James & Jennifer Thomas, Traci Poppert, Dana Cunningham, Kathy Higinbotham, Kim Stevens, Alice Zalatoris, Theresa and Gregory Anderson, Scott Lewis, Kate Dudash, Erik Dudash, Beth White, Nancy Voell, Chris Voell, Gretchen Lord, Mike Hillman, Kim Hirschmann, Shari Nakamoto, Stephanie Bittner
Call to Order
It began at 7:34 pm and was presided over by Joe Humberton, with Dawn Humbertson as acting secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
February Booster Meeting minutes approved.

President’s Report:  Executive Board met for Feb  
  • Upcoming events were reviewed
  • Please consider running for an upcoming position available in May:  
    • All positions open; Dawn will serve as the nomination committee
Vice President’s Report:  
  • Banquet plans are underway, tickets will be on sale soon
  • The location is Walkers Overlook on April 25 6-9
  • Missy Carder has specifics
Secretary:   Volunteer hours are due at the end of April

  • For Feb:  ~$8,366.47 incoming, ~$3,192.99 outgoing.  
  • It appears that KIDA’s profit is 7,292.63
    • Some expenses/donations are still forthcoming (custodial, award sponsorships)
    • Linda Runner volunteered her time in the kitchen saving us that expense! THANK YOU, LINDA!!
  • See Dana for specific details.
Directors Report:
  • Thank you to everyone for helping with the KIDA show.
  • Indoor is going well.  Championships are in April
  • Concert band adjudication was today- thank you to those who helped.  We have 70 students in concert band and the day was a huge success. The kids did fantastic.  
  • Pit for Musical is doing a great job. See this at the end of April
  • April starts marching season; new member meeting is not for veterans.
Student Accounts:
  •  Wrapping up indoor season with a few outstanding concert band payments

Committee Reports

  • Need someone to take over fundraising for next year.  If interested, see Traci Poppert
  • June 12 is Chipotle night

Uniform Report:
Room is a mess after Saturday, buying 5 more concert dresses

Pit Crew report:  

Fully staffed for percussion.  We still need chaperones for color guard.

  • Profit appears to be approx. $2k more then last year
  • KIDA sends a check to us for $20 per unit. We are not sure how this has worked in the past
  • Greg was concerned that new KIDA volunteers didn’t have enough info to answer questions
  • Mike and Chris addressed concerns from this year
  • The Dengler’s did a great job with the new signs!
TJ Liasion: Stephanie Bittner:
  • Will look into the custodial cost for KIDA
  • TJ’s population next year will be <1700. A growth of <200 students and more staff

Old Business:

New Business:
We are selling concessions for the musical one night. Dawn will contact Diana Zabetakis to see
what night.

NEXT BOOSTER MEETING:        APR 9, 2018, 7:30 PM
  • Yard sale 4/28.  Will be at Linda Runner’s house.  Start setting aside goods to donate to the yard sale.  Email reminders will be coming out
  • Hershey Park – Discounted Hershey park tickets are for sale.  Due March 23. Contact Jamie Hendi for more info.
  • Gretchen working on more restaurant nights. Need 3 more people to help coordinate
  • Jazz night – 5/19.  Contact Chris Voell and Mike Hillman to help
  • Finally received a check from Nido’s. It was $260
  • Chris Voell is helping with corporate fundraising. If you have experience in this or grant writing please contact Chris or Traci
  • This presents a challenge for lunch shifts. TJ is exploring a new option called One Lunch where connect and lunch will be combined. If you are interested in attending a parent meeting please email Kim for those dates and times