Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2017

Present:  Jill Philips, Jennifer Wilson, Missy Carder, Barbara Kemp, Alice and Jeff Zalatoris, Kristen McPherson-Pratt, Laura Busch, Linda Runner, Stuart Altman, Bill Giles, Amanda Rosenbluth, Teresa Vaughn, Sarah Vaughn, Dawn and Joe Humbertson, Denise and Dan Failacci, Shari Nakamoto, Stephanie Shoemaker, Justin Kopp, Kaleni James, Jaclyn Smith, Lara Schwartz, Traci Poppert, Beth White, Trish Abell, Mike Hopman, Gretchen Lord, Dana Cummingham

Call to Order
It began at 7:34pm and was presided over by Joe Humberton, with Dan Failacci as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
June Booster Meeting minutes approved.  There was no booster meeting in July.

President’s Report:  Executive Board met for August.  
  • Budget is set for the year
  • Renamed Capital account to Field trip to facilitate extra band trips during the year
  • Reviewed upcoming events – including Mattress Fundraiser
    • Aug 30 is back to school night.  Need Volunteers – Teresa Vaughn
    • Sep 1 football game is on.  Looking for a head count.  Email coming soon
    • Sep 23 – Friends and Family Showcase.  Picnic at Staley Park afterwards.
Vice President’s Report:  Peter Ricciuti stepping down as VP for personal reasons.  Election for new VP will be in New Business later in the meeting.

Secretary:  Please keep track of volunteer hours.  Everything counts related to the band – car washes, fundraisers, meetings, prop building, football games, etc.  Hours will be collected at the end of the school year.

  • Color Guard Balance Paid
  • Camp dinners brought in ~$4k which will go towards dinners for Nationals
  • Approx balance at the end of July just over $82.9k.  See Dana for specific details.
Directors Report: Mrs. Hirschman on vacation with the family at the beach.  Enjoy
Photographer will be available at Friends and Family showcase for individual and group photos.

Student Accounts:
Paper copies handed to those with outstanding balances.  Last payment was due in July.

Committee Reports
  • Car washes – scheduled 4.  One and all but 30 minutes of another washed out.  ~$1100 shy of last year thanks to the weather.
  • Band Aid - $1605 (300 over last year)
  • 5k Run with the Band cancelled/postponed.  Going to try for the Spring, but need a committee to run the event.
  • August – Coupon books coming:  Individual fundraiser
    • Aug 31 @ 8:30 pm is the meeting.  Band receives $5/head for every person that attends the meeting.  Please show up even if you have no interest in getting a new mattress.
    • Real fundraiser is 9/30, 7am.  Organizer is big on social media.  Please share links from TJ Band on your favorite social media to help spread the word.
  • Restaurants nights – Nothing in August.  Working on something for September
  • Trying to add a sheets (for mattresses) fundraiser.  Meeting with company owner after booster meeting has concluded.  Stick around if you want details.
Uniform Report:
Accessories have been ordered.  Everything but the shirts are in.  Shoes have been distributed already.   Expected arrival of uniforms is August 26.

Pit Crew report:
The dump pile is gone.  The container is clean and organized.  The field props are complete, but still need help with sideline props.  Pit Crew Work Date – Sat 8/26, 9am. Thanks to all those new folks that signed up.  Hope to see you Saturday 8/26 by the trailer/band room.

Chaperones:  (On vacation)
Email request for chaperones has already gone out.  Check your email.

Disney – packets distributed, and emailed.  
  • Student must be academically eligible by mid-1st term
  • Dates:  Leave Tue 1/9/18, Return 1/15/18 (MLK Day)
  • 1/10-12 are excused absences and have already been approved by admin.
  • For students/chaperones – everything will be covered from the departure airport to Disney back to home airport
  • First/commitment payment due 9/11:  $350
  • There will be park hopper passes
  • Meal cards now $35 – 5/student
  • Chaperones – Will solicit senior/junior parents for additional chaperone help
  • Individual fundraisers to help offset cost:  March-A-Thon, Coupon Books, Mixed Bag, Poinsettia’s and possibly Yankee Candle
Old Business:
New Business:
Need a replacement for 1st VP.  Teresa Vaughn was nominated and seconded.  A show of hands vote was cast.  Welcome Teresa as the new first VP.

NEXT BOOSTER MEETING:        SEP 11, 2017, 7:30 PM