Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2017

Present:  Barbara Kemp, Kristen McPherson-Pratt, Bill Giles, Teresa Vaughn, Sarah Vaughn, Dawn and Joe Humbertson, Dan Failacci, Jaclyn Smith, Traci Poppert, Kate Dudash, Trish Abell, Dana Cummingham, Beth White, Cindy Canizales; Kathy Higinbotham, Kim Stevens, Sonia Slone

Call to Order    
It began at 7:36 and was presided over by Joe Humberton, with Dan Failacci as secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes:
August Booster Meeting minutes approved.  

President’s Report:  Executive Board met for September.  
  • Approved purchase on Long Ranger from GoFundMe donations
  • Reviewed upcoming events – including Mattress Fundraiser
    • Deposit for Disney due tonight.  
    • Sep 15 home football game.  Need help in Pit Crew assembling and putting away field props for the game.
    • Sep 16 – Urbana competition.  Band performing late.
    • Sep 23 – Friends and Family Showcase.  Picnic at Staley Park afterwards.  Sign up genius was sent out in email.
Vice President’s Report:  Nothing to report

Secretary:  Nothing to report.

  • For August:  ~10k incoming, ~11k outgoing.  Part of outgoing was paying techs for Aug/Sept.
  • See Dana for specific details.
Directors Report:
  • Weather this weekend unknown
  • Packets for All-County should be in by the end of the week
  • Packets for All-State are available now
  • Reminder – students are still graded on things in the classroom.
  • Friends and Family pics – Individual/Senior Headshots/Group photo on 9/23 – show @ 5pm
  • Good start to the school year
Student Accounts:
There are still a few outstanding fees for outdoor season.  Must be paid by 9/11 if you want to go to Disney.

Committee Reports

Student Liaison:
Steph Bittner introduced herself.  Let her know if you need anything communicated through her.

  • Coupon book available starting tonight:  Individual fundraiser.  You have to sign one out to sell.  Cost is $25 - $11 goes into student account
  • Sheets – Any size $40.  First set goes towards the band, every set after the first one goes towards students account ($10/set).  There will be a pizza party for every student that participates.  NOTE:  We will NOT be selling these at the mattress fundraiser.
  • Mattress Fundraiser – There are still about 10 yard signs left.  In need of parent chaperones during the sale on 9/30 (3-4 throughout the day).  Please share on social media
  • Poinsettia/Wreaths – Early October (pickup Saturday before Thanksgiving)
  • Wine Tasting 11/5 @ Spin the Bottle.  Tickets are $10/each.  Would like to surpass last year’s 84 tickets sold
  • Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast 11/18
  • Breakfast with Santa – 12/9
  • Great Pumpkin Patch – helping the boy scouts.  10/14-15.  Help needed for setup/cleanup.  Will also take donations (soda, chips, etc) and volunteer help.  Sign up genius email coming out soon
Uniform Report:
Almost everyone has been fitted (only 4 left).  Jackets are still not in yet.  Dress for this weekend will likely be bibbers and band t-shirts (students can wear black long sleeve under black band tshirt).
Working on containers to store the new shako hats.  New raincoats this year – they will be assigned out and if damaged, must be paid for.

Pit Crew report:
Big THANK YOU for all of the volunteer help so far.  Email went out about this week’s schedule.

All chaperone spots filled.  Check your email.

Old Business:
New Business:

NEXT BOOSTER MEETING:        OCT 9, 2017, 7:30 PM