Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band
Frederick, Maryland
Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2016

In attendance:  Joe Humbertson, Nancy Voell, Kathy Higinbotham, Cindy Canizales, Ben & Kathy Dengler, Theresa Anderson, Beth White, Barbara Kemp, Dan Failacci, Shari Nakamoto, Carlos Slone, Quincy J Martin, Jodi Martin, Frankie & Linda Runner, Teresa Vaughn, Traci Poppert, Sarah Vaughn

Call to order – 7:05PM

Director’s Report (Kim Sandifer) –
  • Let administration (and Mr. Reid) know how well the band did at Nationals
  • Kids were pleasantly surprised at getting 5th.  The bands who beat us were big ensembles that have competed nationally for years
  • Foresee growth next year for the numbers in band members
  • Kim thanked the boosters, chaperones and parents for their help during the marching band season
  • All-County audition times were posted on the band door and are at West Frederick MS
  • Reminders:  Dec 8th – winter concert
    • Dress rehearsal Dec 6th
    • Dec 9th – Kris Kringle parade
    • Dec 10th – Breakfast with Santa
    • Dec 11th  - Barnes & Noble fundraiser
    • Dec 15th – Percussion concert
  • Went over appropriate concert dress attire for students
  • MD State championship shirts – had to make corrections to the proof that USBands sent.  Jamie Hendi will send info.
  • Lost & Found in the band room – items to be donated if not claimed!
President’s Report (Joe Humbertson) –
  • Thanked the boosters for season’s helpers
  • Thanked Kim for a great show
  • Recapped board meeting notes (planning for Nationals)
  • Scholarships to be announced at winter concert
  • Boosters will be making a $500 donation from the outdoor show profits to go towards the Turf Field fundraiser
  • There is an upcoming uniform upgrade/purchase for next year:
  • Cost is approximately $16,000 in upgrades and $3,000 for purchasing more uniforms for the growing band
  • Kim explained the upgrades:
    • Need more uniforms (bigger band)
    • Sheikos and plumes (aussies are in poor condition and not cost effective to replace those frequently)
    • Uniform will use 2 red gauntlets (ordering one more for each uniform)
    • Jackets will be retrofitted with waist cape
    • Some jackets will have a panel inserted that allows multiple sizes out of the same jacket
    • Cost will allow uniform fund to be replenishment to remain on current replacement schedule plus a few extra years extension on wearing.  Our uniform quality and care is allowing at least 7-10 more years (per the Demoulin uniform rep)!
Financial report (Sarah Vaughn) –
  • October income was $14359.52 – Usual income of fees and accessories, County Band Festival, Fall Pumpkin Patch concessions, Marchathon donations, Show Shirts & Spirit Wear, and Snack Stick fundraisers.
  • October expenses were $10891.44  -  Usual monthly expenses – staff payments, festival expenses, coupon book invoice, concession expenses, copying expenses, charter bus invoices, Kris Kringle registration
  • Indoor fee schedule is set up.  Payments can still be made with cash/check or via online through the PayPal link on the website.  There is a small fee added to the online option to cover the PayPal fees.
Student Account Report (Kathy Higinbotham) –
  • Wrapping up outdoor payments.  
  • Outdoor must be paid up in order to participate in the indoor season.
Fundraising –  (Cindy Canizales, Traci Poppert, Gretchen Lord)
  • Wreaths/Poinsettias to be delivered on 11/19.  Please make sure to pick them up!
  • Wine tasting – made $840 in ticket sales and $110.10 in wine sales percentage.  Waiting on Nido’s check for percentage of their sales that evening.
  • Barnes & Noble on Dec. 11th – need parent volunteers to wrap gifts & taking $$ donations.
  • Breakfast with Santa – sign up genius was sent out; need adults to help in kitchen and with setup/cleanup; flyers are coming home with kids from all feeder schools and a local preschool; need donations for breakfast and crafts; tickets can be purchased online and are $2 cheaper online than they will be at the door; kids need to dress festive; kids who signed up to help on Friday setup will be fed pizza for lunch; there will be a Facebook Event for BWS so please share
  • Christmas Tree pickup –
    • Pickup of UNDECORATED live trees for a $15 donation
    • Signup will come soon with a flyer
    • Date of pickup will be Saturday, January 7th
  • Restaurant Night -    
    • Upcoming Chipotle night on Dec 5th
  • Mr. Runner had a fundraiser suggestion of doing a weekend Farmer’s Market stand to sell fruit.  Costs is about $350/year for the stand.  Could sell hotdogs, fruit, etc.  He has done this in the past and it brings in a lot of money.  Can get more details later.
  • Indoor uniform measurements will be happening soon
Pit Crew -     
  • Need help with indoor pit crew.  Indoor parents need to step up!
  • Jamie Hendi will send out a Google Doc. Signup for indoor chaperone time slots
Next meeting will be Monday, Dec. 12th at 7:30PM in the chorus room.

Motion to adjourn made by Dan Failacci and seconded by Kathy Higinbotham.

Minutes submitted by Sarah Vaughn